oh, brother...

abel is the best
he is the best
from the north, south, east, and west
he's the best, he's the best
yes, yes, yes! woohoo!

...no but really he is. this is "the song" we sing whenever our kids do anything special or anything totally mundane that we have to make fun again. it's actually the song my mom made up for her own kids when we did things. i'm fairly certain this song wasn't around when i was young enough to appreciate it, it MAY date back to ashton being young, but i think it started with my brothers. either way! it's a happy little song that makes kids smile, and i'm all about that... AND abel really is the best + that's what i'm here to talk about...

abel is the very best brother in the world. if i had an older brother, he would be my first pick! he is loving + thoughtful, he shows concern + tries to keep lucy out of danger + in line. he waits for her + holds her hand + shows her how to do things, often times without prompting. he includes her in fun + adventure, and is all around winning when it comes to being a three year old. chris + i would both love to have another boy JUST like him in every way, but we also just feel it in our hearts that if abel ends up the only boy in our family, or the Grant family in general (5 to 1 going strong so far) that he is the perfect child for that role. have i praised abel today? ...kidding, but he's just special, i can't help myself + when he's older + looks back at this (which he will totally be into, like most men... duh ;)) i want him to have written proof of how much we adored him.

next up... abel is the best because he is officially PASSY FREE. i. can't. believe it.
as of, wednesday, may 18, 2016 - RIP "my pass".
mostly sweet, but i officially have to accept that he's not a baby anymore... though he'll always be mine. 

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