on weekends...

the weekends are my very favorite.
we weekend the best way we know how. sometimes we work on the house, sometimes we just play, sometimes the weekends are full of sweatpants, and others- so full that monday comes around + i feel like we skipped the weekend all together.
i am a bright side looker + try not to liiiiive for the weekend, BUT, chris is home on the weekends + that trumps week days allll on it's own because he's the best. plus... two parents, 4 hands, maybe going pee by myself!
i am SO excited for warm weather, and plenty of time in the "green grass" this summer! we will have a new little baby + i can hardly wait, or imagine what it will be like. this pregnancy has been so different than my two before it, for all of the obvious reasons, but mostly because i haven't been future thinking, but instead present. keeping up with the two sweet ones i have, savoring how things are as a family of four, and blinking + being weeks(months) behind on the pregnancy app i read so closely the first two rounds. it's great. i'd be lying if i didn't tell you though that I am starting to feel that shift some now that we are only 5.5 weeks away! like, i'm soooort of starting to hope for an early arrival, because I'm too darn excited + want to meet her + know her!
anyway, cheers to weekends (on monday) here are some photos from the last two for us! 
^^^abel took this one for us, I love it so much, he's really getting quite good with my camera! just wish he was in it! 
...and a few photos from this past weekend. we ice creamed before dinner, thought we saved a turtle from crossing the road... later googled + found out that said turtle is actually our state reptile + that if you find them crossing the road, help them to the side they're headed toward + leave them alone, they know where they're going! pretty cool! when chris + abel took him back to where he was headed, he actually went back out into the street right where chris originally picked him up + finished his journey... didn't need help from us thanks. abel thought it was great, he checked on him a million times while we had him + "fed" him grass and rocks haha! we put a table out on our porch + enjoyed the sunset + snacks, the kids chalked + bowled in the front yard + it felt a whole lot like summer was on its way! that, and a white picket fence never hurt anybody... thank you husband for marking off projects on our never ending, to do/finish list! 

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