celebrating abel.

yes we did.
have a 1/2 birthday party that is...
as most of you know we are happy to celebrate just about anything over here! & half of a year is a big ol' deal, especially when it comes to our little guy! we had a little picnic in the park party with just our family & some close friends! i made a half cake, & then promptly left it at home... womp womp. But we didn't forget the brown bag dinners, lemonades, picnic blankets, party favors or anything else for that matter! so you know, you win some! it was a fun little gathering & although we did NOT expect gifts, abel sure cleaned up. he is so loved by everyone. & we love that.
party talk aside, i am so thankful for these people. they truly go above & beyond with EVERYTHING. they always do. we are so thankful for the way they love & take care of us & of abel. my heart is filled with so much joy, being able to see them everyday & live closer now. they are always up for celebration (even the 1/2 birthday parties). they continue to let me follow them around like paparazzi, & they are pretty much the BEES KNEES as far as families (& friends) go. 
we love them. they love us.
i wouldn't have it any other way.
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