we’re gonna do what?!

firstly... i have a mini chris bouncin' around here.
second... abel has started on solids.
how are we here?!
he's been loving tastes of this & tastes of that. he's a huge fan of strawberries & peaches. but this was our first "make your own baby food & sit in the high chair" experience.
first up? apples.
he wasn't a real fan.
womp womp. that's okay though, it's only the start of this whole eating thing, so i'm sure we'll find some stuff to his liking.
i can't believe how big he is, and how smart & strong. sheesh. be still my heart & time... slow your roll. honestly though, this is probably been my favorite stage yet. they've all been my favorite when he's been in them, but right now he is extra fun & the perfect size! it's awesome to watch him start to explore things on his own & entertain himself. and chatty.... so chatty. he makes sure his presence is known wherever he goes. he'll be six months old on the 25th, and i can barely stand it. i've never known a love like this, and i could never be without it now. he is seriously the best thing chris & i have done

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