if you really knew me...

you'd know that...
the scene pictured above, is one of my favorite scenes of every day.
my closet & drawers are organized for about 24 hours every couple months. the remainder of the time it looks like a tornado went off in there. excuse me if i think it's easier to find stuff when you just rummage through. i mean, folded looks nice, but every time you pull something out. the thing above & below it get a little wonky, and these days, fixing it just isn't in the cards. chris's clothing storage is the exact opposite, he doesn't understand my methods. shrug.

i'd choose dessert over dinner any day + breakfast is my favorite meal.

i love my people with every bit of my being. i love so hard that it is not uncommon for me to cry at any moment just because i love them so much & that rush of emotion overtakes me.

my phobia of hair being around has only worsened since having abel & a house of all wood floors. dog hair? eww. post-partum hair loss? gosh, i wouldn't have believed you if you told me that i was capable of shedding this much hair. it's everywhere, despite my constant cleaning & sweeping 3 times a day. craziest part of it all? i still have the most hair of any person i know. sheesh.

i've hugged taylor swift. backstage at america's got talent. she's sweet, & TALL!

i love blogging + i love taking pictures + i love celebrating. these three go hand in hand & i'm so happy that in spite of the busyness of every day, i still do all three. i will never regret taking too many pictures, celebrating too much, capturing & documenting each moment of our lives, even the little ones like what we ate that day. i could never love too much or spend too much time with loved ones. this blog, is my favorite way to wrap all of this good stuff into one little package.

i gave up starbucks for the month of july.

i might have fallen out of love with cupcakes. gasp. i know... truth is, i haven't had a good cupcake since we left charlotte & left cupcrazed behind. womp womp. i have tried the ones in town & even made some at home & it just isn't the same. i'm wondering if it's the quality of cupcakes or if my taste has changed since being pregnant with abel... ashton & i made a batch last week in hopes to reignite the flame & they were pretty good... but i only had one & that's saying something.

i am obsessed with crispy white & pops of color.

the extent of my make up is blush, mascara & bright lips.

polka dots & stripes. all day, every day.

i do not like to paint, but continue signing myself up for around the house painting projects... who am i?

i believe garnish is half of what makes food "good"... i mean cupcakes without sprinkles? deviled eggs without paprika? pasta without parmesan? ... you get where i'm coming from right?

i am abel's biggest fan, chris's too. i love my boys. they are the joy in my days, the reason behind every smile. i would do anything for them. to protect them. i love them, they are rockstars.

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