from that time i felt like the luckiest lady in all the land...

these two.
i think i've posted about them one time or another.
i am married to the hunkiest man around. he's so much cooler than me, with the tattoos & the tan. mad skills in basically every area of life, not to mention, italian runs through his veins (i just married in, or could you not tell?)
...and abel.
the stripes, the face, the fuzzy head. & he is now sporting a two tiny teeth coming in grin.
i just love them. they make me feel like a real rockstar & i'm so happy we get to do life together. wouldn't want it any other way.
^^^ as a sidenote, abel fell asleep during the 2 minutes we took taking these pictures. guess he's not as enthused with picture taking as we are.

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