our fourth of july!

i hope you all had a wonderful fourth of july weekend! we most definitely did! 4 days off of work for husband, time at grammy & papaw's house, homemade ice cream, fireworks, & a few (a lot) of photos of our time together makes for a very happy day around here!
we started the day with some french toast, and some hair curling. yep, you heard right. i actually used nap time to curl my hair instead of whatever else it is i usually do. a few messy pony tails & a hat later, we're lookin' at loose waves by the time barbecuing rolled around, but i'll take it. we spent time on the patio & ate hamburgers & hotdogs, then headed to city park with our homemade ice cream for the fireworks! i'll say it again... abel is THE best baby in baby history. he played & was all smiles, per usual. we brought headphones in case the fireworks scared him... they didn't. he watched for about ten minutes before passing out. adorable. i love that little nugget. he makes my heart go pitter-patter.
here are some photos from our day!
i love these sisters of mine. abel sure does too! auntie tay is his second favorite nap spot, and he & ashi get down on the drums... he especially loves the symbol crash at the end. i am so thankful to have sisters. & i am so thankful to have a huge family on both sides. there is never a lack of love around here. i can't wait until baby girl schmeeckle arrives & just adds to it, for now i love that little bump^^^
^^^thank you mama for getting behind the camera! i love love love taking pictures, but it is definitely nice to be in them too! i will appreciate it so much when abel is all grown up & there is some proof that i was actually there for it :)
i love you grammy! i love you so much i want to hug & squish your face! ^^^
sheesh, she's a pretty little pregnant woman. ^^^ i'm a sucker for stripes, & a baby bump in stripes? stop it. i love my little sister. i can't believe she is having a baby of her own!
^^^bubbles with uncle t. perfect moment. & then he was promptly worn out. 
^^^& all because two people fell in love :)

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margaret said...

you are so sweet--the last pic made me cry! what a beautiful thought!!! love these pictures so much. your sandals are adorable and Abel in headphones: are you kidding me?!?! LOVE YOU!!!!!!