softball & grandma, wins all around!

over the long weekend, some of husband's family was in town! his cousin is pretty much a softball star & was here from washington for a big tournament & we were so glad we had the chance to see her (glitter bow & all), uncle terry & mary ann (chris' grandma & abel's great one :)). it was abel's first time meeting them & had been too long since the last time he saw his grandma, so i snapped a few pictures... shocker. he LOVED just layin' in the grass with becky, exploring.
i'll say it again... grandmas. they are simply wonderful.
we are so blessed to have so many loving people in our lives, and even more so now, to have so many people who love abel! he's a lucky guy & a pretty special little dude if you ask me.
happy tuesday!

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margaret said...

Is this the Grandma from San Diego? Did she convince you to come visit yet?!?!? ;) ;) LOVE YOU FRIEND!!!!