half a year...

no way.
how on earth is it possible that we have had our little abel for HALF of a year?! and how is it possible that we ever lived without him before that?
i can honestly say that this past 6 months has been THE business. he is the most amazing blessing i have ever had bestowed on me & motherhood is where i have happily found my sweet spot.

i laid in bed holding him the other night, and started crying... (surprise, surprise) something about the way he was laying. it reminded me of the first night we had him & we were still in the hospital. he woke in the night crying & i brought him into my bed to feed him. he was so new... i had no idea what i was doing yet, i didn't know him yet. he was just this tiny human that had blown my mind & turned my world upside down in an instant. he's grown so much since that night. i know him now. he's my son, & not just because i grew him in my belly or because i just gave birth to him. he's my son in the way that he knows my scent & he loves me like no other. i know his needs & the things that make him happy & sad. 
i'd try to go on but it's indescribable really.

chris & i are still just enamored with him (i guess that's a good thing). we watch him sleep & we love to make him laugh. we've learned so much over the past 6 months. things like, how to make + eat + clean up a meal one handed because there's a baby in the other. multi-tasking has a whole new meaning now.  we've learned a lot about being selfless & prioritizing. i've learned the importance of a hair tie & am real happy that i look alright with my hair up, since that's how it is most days. poop just isn't that big of a deal. laundry is way more fun to do when tiny little clothes are involved. & overall we have just learned a whole lot about love. we are both still blown away by the amount of love these two hearts can hold. i hope abel knows how much we love him...
because it's a lot.

at six months he is sitting up on his own with verrrry little tipping, has two of the cutest teeth i've ever seen, & is eating solids (or trying. he's not over the moon for them yet, but we're working on it).
DO YOU SEE THE HAIR?! yep, he's graduated from fuzz to a lot of fuzz (cheers!)
we're officially riding shotgun in the shopping cart, stroller AND highchair (what, what?!) he is loving the new view.
he loves to look at books, pat people & touch their faces. he is the sweetest & smiliest baby i have ever met & such a quiet little soul (when he's not chatting up a storm). he's currently in a grunting phase & thanks to a genius mother of 5 that we met recently, he loves spoons (we do too! while he's entranced with his spoon, we actually get to eat with both hands! hip hip!)
to put it simply, he's the best.
thanks for changing our lives in the best way abel. happy 1/2 birthday!
we love you!
+pictures from his 6 month check up today+
gah, that belly...

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