the crooked cup!

recently, i was lucky enough to spend the morning with this beauty of a friend at a place i'd been wanting to try! the crooked cup! jalepeno kolache & a blended vanilla chai? yum.
audrey and i were actually 6th grade locker partners, and through facebook, pinterest, project love reconnected! i guess social media isn't just good for wasting time :)
abel likes her too! we are happy for her & her husband, but so sad at the same time, because they are leaving at the end of the month to go to india for FIVE MONTHS! womp womp. if it were up to me, they'd stay in fort collins & we'd hang out on weekends & have more play dates like this one... but i am happy to see them go and do all that God has called them to do there!
she is a true gem of a person, and those are harder to come by! say a prayer for them that they get there safe & then that they hurry back in time for our mug exchange around christmas time! the end.

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