abel meets his mimi!

grandmas. they are simply the best.
this is my grandma, mimi. my dad's mom, who is now abel's great grandmother!
gosh! my heart. 
it is so special to see the people who have loved you for your whole life, now loving on your baby! both of my sweet grandmas have now come to colorado to meet abel (nana visited here)! he's one lucky guy, because they are both such special ladies! praise you Lord in heaven, for grandmothers & great grandmothers! we are so blessed with a loving family & lots of members! there is never a pair of hands that doesn't want to be holding abel & he loves it!


Ashley said...

Hello! I just found your blog and love it! I am your newest follower so just wanted to say hello! Able is adorable!
Ashley@ firstcamethebaby.blogspot.com

Life on Sugar Hill said...

Thank you Ashley!! Happy to meet you!!