homemade baby food.

happy monday!
last week while catching up on my weekly blogs, i came across a post from a friend (her blog is here) about making baby food! from the start i had wanted to make fresh, homemade baby food for abel, so that we could be 100% organic & i could know exactly what he was eating. once i started though, i felt like i was throwing away a lot of food, due to him either not liking it, or just not being able to eat all of it before it went bad. thankfully she shared this genius idea & i am now a regular baby food maker. we use our ninja (man that thing is great) to puree fresh, organic fruits & veggies. then pour them into ice trays & freeze. they are the perfect serving size & easy to store & save! when he's ready to eat, i just take one out & thaw it in hot water (in a baggy). & we're ready to eat! this is such a great idea! i can spend a little bit of time at the beginning of the week & make tons of different foods! if he doesn't like something now, he might later & it doesn't go to waste!
i feel so cool now.

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