reading (eating) with abel... i'm not sure which we did more of.

what a cutie. 
we've been doing more reading books around here! mostly i've been reading them & abel has been eating them. he loves to turn the pages & look, but like most things, they usually end up in his mouth.
 we've both been loving it though. whenever i tried reading to him before, he really didn't have much interest, but now he is all about it! touching the pages, exploring the whole page with his eyes. so if he wants a little dessert at the end, i most certainly am not going to be the one to stop him.
man, i love my baby. i recently did some back blogging & read posts from when he was born... OH MY GOSH. he is SO big now! you don't think you could love anything more than your newborn... and then he starts smiling & making noises and you're like oh okay... and then he starts laughing & bouncing & chatting and you're like ooooh okay, and then he sits up & plays & reads(eats) books & SO many other great things and you're like WOW... how does this keep getting cuter & better & more wonderful?! it's insane what a baby does to your heart. i thought i was pretty much full grown, but this heart of mine keeps proving that to be incorrect. bigger & bigger. keep at it heart... i'm all in.
this little scene was just too precious not to grab the camera & capture, enjoy.
we read:
ten tiny toes (i cried)
the very hungry caterpillar (one of my childhood favorites)
fluffy bunnies (adorbs)

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