DIY baby shower invites!

do it yourself & so stinkin' cute.
my sister & i are throwing our littlest sister, ashton's, baby shower! we couldn't be more excited for her & wanted to give her the royal treatment she deserves! we made these invites from top to bottom.

supplies used & all from hobby lobby... because it's the best ever:
blank notecards with envelopes
single scrapbooking sheets - three different designs
polka dot scrapbook paper for the insides
polka dot stamp & pink ink pad
yellow paper cut into a few (million) mini triangles - for the banners
bakers twine (man, that stuff is so cute i could wrap myself up in it)
glue stick
hot glue gun

man these were fun! getting crafty is always more fun for me when i'm doing it for someone special! we glued everything together using a glue stick except for the mini banners... taylor glued them one by one with the hot glue gun... that. is. love.
we loved how they turned out & ashton did too! they'd also be super cute as blank notecards!
happy friday!