a couple reasons why my husband is the best.

he cooks. like reeeeally cooks. & enjoys it too. i'm more of a baker & only make a handful of meals around here (really, a handful: tacos, eggplant parmesan, pasta fagioli, most of our breakfasts, & if i'm really feeling crazy- something off of pinterest) ...so him cooking is something that i appreciate extra. my dad was an amazing cook & food was an area that he and chris could really relate on, so it's still so special to me whenever chris is making a meal or uses my dads cooking phrases like, "dinner is swerved." it keeps a little piece of my dad in our kitchen & also food in our bellies with actual nutrition.

he looks like that. 

he gave me abel. period. & i'm sure when our miss gets here, that quality is only going to explode my heart even more.

he's adventurous and gets us out and about on the weekends, but also knows how to balance fun & work & rest, and keeps our life full of the best.

he makes me laugh daily. 

he's hard working & he's enthusiastic about ideas & goals & food, three areas where i believe enthusiasm is 100% necessary. 

he treats our marriage like a true partnership. shares responsibilities, makes decisions together, respects my wants & needs, takes care of me & allows me to take care of him where needed.

he treats me like the apple of his eye. he loves the mother i am to abel & appreciates me & all that i do.

he loves abel in a way i can't even explain. it's the sweetest to see them together. playing, hugging, laughing. whatever it is, you can bet your booty my heart is somewhere on the floor melting, having leapt from my chest due to the overflowing love i have for those two.

he smells good & kisses me every morning before he leaves for work and every night before he falls asleep.

his heart is made up of pure gold, and again… he looks like that ;)

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