i n s t a g r a m ON m o n d a y

heyyyy mondayyyy!
how is it still july?! it might be the longest month ever… or maybe i'm just pregnant & hot.
either way, we had the best weekend & i hope you did too! here's to one more week until flippin' that calendar page & we are closer to a cuddly baby & cooler days ahead!

below we have…
1. niece love 2. bath time lashes 3. a lovely cake 4. a 33 week baby girl belly
1. naptime 2. a 33 week belly.. again 3. God's artwork 4. a disappearing lap
1. shower leftovers 2. sweet snoozer 3. and another 4. mom & sisters pedicure date
1. new honest prints 2. there He goes again with the gorgeous sunsets 3. nana is 85! 4. my little puddle stomper
1. the hand 2. old town 3. beauty all around 3. a 34 week baby belly
1. paaasseed out 2. just reading' with his pup 3. dandelion lover 4. explorer cheyenne frontier days to see gary allen & win abel an overpriced sock monkey :)
1. my tiny teenager 2. sisters 3. sour cherries 4. snugglin'

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