pretty in pink.

...or floral or polka dot or white to be more accurate. little girl things can be so beautiful. i personally, am the biggest sucker for a plain white onesie, or a cozy white blanket, or really anything white. cream is highly acceptable too. 
we are officially six weeks away from a little girl moving in over here & as i prepare for her arrival i find myself smiling at all of the beautiful colors & patterns filling up the nursery. we are doing a shared nursery (which i will do a separate post on) and it is coming together SO great! abel already had the cutest space ever, & adding in more color & some girly touches to her side of the room has been easier than i anticipated & has mixed well with his already bright & fun things! as i said though… that's for a different post! 
for today, i bring you a few little snippets of some lovely little girl things that are filling my heart with happy & getting me even more excited for our baby girl's arrival. enjoy & have a happy thursday!

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-m said...

These are all really really happy things to look at and I'm just a little bit jealous over here....