spam, pam, lamb, bam, ham, jam, ma'am, G R A M

happy gram day! life is good. if i could just freeze time for a minute or five that would be great. abel is the best, sweet & silly, smarty pants mcgee, always eating, still so quiet but officially saying hot & hat & i think on the brink of a lot more. chris is the best ever & if his job would stop sending him here & there that'd be appreciated by me, because i really just miss him when he's gone… life's just not the same. our girl is growing & permanently shoving the right side of my rib cage outward, which isn't where it belongs so if we are being truthful, it's not the best feeling in the world & all at the same time it is, because i love her. i can't imagine what life will be like with her once she's here, but i love her a lot. 
i hope Y O U are enjoying your one precious life as much as we are around here, happy weekend!

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