a back dated love letter to a little one, and a 22 week bump

written february 8, 2016 + saved for publishing (pictured, 22 weeks)
little baby one in my tum,
i love you. i can't believe you are in there... mostly because you don't make yourself known with a whole lot of kicking yet, like i remember it to be. I know you'll make up for it as you grow though.
i wonder so much what you look like, and if you'll be a boy or a girl, and will you be like lucy or abel? or will you be completely new and different?
i hope life out here doesn't sound too chaotic, and i hope you're learning the voices of the people who love you the very most. me + daddy, lucy + abel, and all of our family too!
one thing that i do know, is how special you are. i know this because i've already had two very special kiddos, and i know that God has your wonderful life laid out oh so beautifully, just like theirs.
abel thinks you are a girl. he has decided that if you are in fact a girl, we will name you arrow (that's your cousin, and not what we will name you) and if you're a boy? st. bernard... also not what we will name you, (you're welcome)... but he's sweet for trying. you will LOVE your siblings. they already love you. lucy goes to sleep every night with her face up against my belly, and when she finishes her bottle, she turns to kiss you + drifts to sleep.
i can't wait to meet you little one.

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