Easter Weekend!

I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend, and have taken the truth of the resurrection into your week as not just an event that happened, and a day to celebrate it, but MORE, a continued celebration... resurrection power that frees us every single day of our lives! Praise!!!! I love Easter. Over the past few years it's crept up on my favorites list, past Halloween + is giving Christmas a run for it's money.
Our weekend consisted of Good Friday church, an egg hunt + brunch on Saturday, easter baskets + church + a day filled with this little fam of mine on Sunday. Here are the 8 billion pictures of the kids I love the most, as well as some little detail shots, because i love the way details make me feel like more a part of the story. xoxo
^^^Annual Mill City Church Easter Photo :)
^^^we dyed brown eggs this year! i never thought to try because I figured they wouldn't turn out, but LOOK! Bold, beautiful colors! Not sure I'll buy white again now.

S   U   N   D   A   Y

 These pictures below are IT. I haven't gotten a picture of all three of my kids since Isla was a newborn really! Lots of lifestyle kinds, but none of three sweet faces looking straight at my camera smiling. I love these, I love them.
^^^Easter's Sunset, OUTSTANDING, it felt fitting. 
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