little love letters

dear spring, 
i see you. you're making your way, slowly but surely. keep it coming.

dear emma,
i miss you friend! thank you for taking care of my heart from far away! if you hadn't have already had my love + friendship, you totally would've bought it with this sweet package.

dear sisters, 
thank you for YOU! can't imagine a life without you + thanking my lucky stars every single night for the gift of our friendship.

dear preschool, 
you can't have abel. choose another child.

dear march, 
HOW did you get here so quickly?! wasn't christmas yesterday?

dear isla, 
i could squeeze you too tight, you're my favorite baby in the whole wide world. i love you forever.

dear reader, 
i hope you are having a truly splendid day. i hope it's sunny + warm where you are, and if it's not, i hope you have a cozy fire + a cup of coffee near by.

dear God, 
thank you for my life. thank you for every breath i breathe, for the husband you have so graciously given me. thank you for our sweet kids... ours for keeps?! for real?! thank you forever, for everything, always, amen.

dear anthropologie, 
why don't you believe in legit sales + why are ALL of your home goods on my wish list?

dear travel, 
i hear you calling. husband trips, family trips, girls trips. i hear you.

dear preschool, 
i mean it. you can't have abel. choose another child.

dear lucy, 
tell me you're ready for ballet one more time + i just might HAVE to sign you up. you're the most precious girl, with a most precious name. i love you.

dear clementine,
thank you for this gorgeous artwork. i love it with every last bit of me! you are so talented + i love your name + i love your sister even more(and that's saying something because i really love your name!) thank you thank you thank you!