my bump, my bump, my bump... check it out!

happy monday to you!
people are starting to notice my baby bump! While it may have been slow to show up in the beginning, I think it's making up for lost time now & I couldn't be more thrilled. Someone I didn't even know told me I had a cute baby bump going on this week! Never did I ever think that someone telling me my stomach was anything other than flat would make my day, but the bump is beaming, loud & proud, & I'm feeling more beautiful than ever. What is more beautiful than the little life that is inside of me?! These days, I can think of nothing. I love him so much, and I can't believe that in a few short months, we are going to meet our little blessing in person!
Also, today, i felt one of the biggest kicks ever, & could feel either the heel, elbow or fist that it came from! weird! aaaaaand, i think we are getting closer to a name... But THAT is a secret my friends :)