Merry Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning was a sweet one. Chris + I woke up early to play Santa + be ready for the kids to wake, and instead they slept until 9:30 haha! We are all still somewhat on Maui time. The kids were adamant about Santa NOT coming again this year, to the point of asking me to pray against it on Christmas Eve!!! BUT, someone had mentioned to me that maybe once they experienced the magic they'd be on board vs. talking about it... SO, Santa wrote a letter to our kids this year letting them know that he was very quiet + did NOT say "Ho Ho Ho!" (which apparently is what they were so strongly against him) + he brought them each one gift because they were sweet this year... Abel's response, "That was so nice of Santa to bring presents to our house!" - So, I guess Santa is welcome now, but stay tuned for next year. We opened gifts + ate breakfast, the kids were surprised at their bunk beds + loved the ship wheel. Still hasn't changed any sleep patterns over here, but I wasn't fully expecting it to, worth the try + they've enjoyed it regardless. Lucy opened her first gift + was content with that, we had to encourage her to open more haha, and abel loved everything he got, but we could tell with each gift he opened he was waiting for his pirate ship, so sweet, he loved that most of all + has played with it non stop since. I love Christmas + am thankful for this family of mine. 
We hope you had a merry Christmas + a happy happy new year!