I love putting together these "year in review" posts. it makes me so happy to see the life we lived (and documented) over the past year + gets me excited for the year to come. I'm so thankful. thank you to those of you who have followed along with us this year! favorite reviews from 2015 here!

In January, we celebrated our guy turning THREE with love + a party! Abby came to visit us + our family both watched + sang frosty the snowman at least 8,000 times.

In February i went on a weekend girls trip to Texas + remembered why snow isn't so bad. We ZOOed, announced that we were pregnant with another girl + wrote down things to remember.
March talked about change, wrote letters to little ones + celebrated Easter.. He is Risen Indeed!
In April we shared recipes, said goodbye to perfection + shared a little home tour! Lucy was a dream, i wrote down MORE things to remember, a reminder to my 30 weeks pregnant self + Chris and I took a trip just the two of us!
In May there was talk of THEM, WEEKENDSBROTHERS. I wrote a love letter to a 34 week Isla + that sneaky squirrel stole + ate our muffins.
In June we partnered with L'ovedbaby HERE, HERE + HERE, talked about having another girl, Food Truck Rallied + enjoyed slow mornings. We enjoyed our last bit of family of four summer here + here, and landscaped our backyard with the help of two dirty little kids. Isla was born!
July was mostly full of Isla Jane + adapting to life as a family of five! We hosted 4th of July, wondered why time passed so quickly, took lots of pictures + Isla's chunk proved that she had been around for an entire month. Also GOALS... see: lucy.
I celebrated + wrote about an entire month of being a mother of 3 in August, we had our family pictures taken, documented two months of Isla + didn't have much to say, but let the pictures do the talking.
In September we celebrated TWO YEARS of sweet lucy, saw the hot air balloons at Harvest Festival + made a little film. I shared a recipe for happy + why it's good to be Isla.
Sweet October, my favorite month of the year. I shared with you a few things to remember, we went to estes park here + here, pumpkin patched + isla was officially 4 months old. Halloween came + went, and all three of my children surprised me with a simultaneous nap sesh, BOOM.
November was quiet as usual. We shared our Christmas jammies, gifted to us by L'ovedbaby + celebrated the first snow of the season.
 In December, Chris took me to New York City at Christmas time here here, we celebrated 5 whole months of sweet isla jane, reminisced on slow morningsvacationed in Maui + had a very merry Christmas!
Cheers to 2 0 1 7 !

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