our weekend in little squares

we had the happiest little weekend here. probably the last one of only the four of us... riiiiight baby? weekends are for breakfast, always... + this weekend consisted of all fun, no work + lots of fellowship. we spent majority of every day out in the sunshine, every night on a patio grilling, whether it was ours or someone else's, stayed thirty minutes after church talking with new friends, and the only house work that was done was mowing + mopping, and those two things happened simultaneously on saturday while the kids napped. hooray for weekends. 
^^^how happy am i for little friends?! + if their parents are wonderful too, that is an even bigger win.
 ^^^abel requests "just mommy + abel time" lately, and it's the sweetest thing. i hope i can have one on one time with all of my kiddos all the time, even if it's only for short little time slots.
^^^finished the weekend off at the splash pad. oh how i love little todd bods in swimsuits + those smiles. forever + ever, amen.

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