another girl...

i remember praaaayyyying when i was pregnant with lucy, that she be just like abel. he was the best in every way + it's all i'd known + i loved it. why wouldn't i want an exact replica of his personality only in girl form?!
...well, she's not.
& MAN would i be missing out if she weren't exactly the way that SHE is. she is hysterical + hammy, and girly + sassy + sweet + soooo many things that only she embodies + our sweet guy does not (and vice versa).
aside from adoring abel + all that he was/is, i think i was concerned that i'd compare them negatively or that if she wasn't like him she might not be as wonderful (so ridiculous). like most of my worries, i was wrong. he and she are the two most incredible little humans i could have ever dreamt of, i love them individually + love to celebrate their differences... and now we are having another, another girl!
i can't wait for her to get here + to get to know her + love all of her unique qualities the same way i love my other two. i am so curious if she will look like any of us or have any of the same tendencies! God is so good + so much more creative than we are, He has got something so special for us in her, and i really am just bursting at the seams (in more ways than one haha) ready to hold her + love her + see her life unfold.
it's incredible to me that the three best things i've been a part of creating, have really not had much to do with me at all. thank you, thank you jesus.

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Jess said...

So excited for you, Hillary! And super excited to know your new little girl's name :) I'm with you in that I love that my two littles are completely different. I love seeing them grow into the little humans God intended for them to be. Precious photos of you and Lucy <3