slow mornings, jammies + things

i'm just going to go ahead and confess that we stay in jammies a lot. probably too much. maybe it's because once upon a time i taught dance every day and loungewear was work wear + it never seemed like that big of a deal to me to basically live in it. i'm trying to make it more of a regular thing to get us all dressed for the day earlier than say 1pm, but pregnant + slow mornings with these two... my confession stands. we love jammies + especially these cute l'oved baby ones. we love waking up + taking it easy around here... breakfast + outside + popsicles by noon... summer days are it right now + with the clock ticking to baby number three's arrival, i am trying to savor it the best i can, while also wishing to meet her sweet face like yesterday! 
i can't believe that we are only a few short days away from our due date + that life as we know it will change. there's really no way to prep for that sort of thing, i've always found it better to just charge through when it happens + see where you end up. so far that's worked for us! these two are my best little company + the way they love and interact with eachother is everythinggggg. i truly am so so excited to see them love another + to have one more sweet member added to our morning crew. amen!