summertime, and the living's easy

when it comes to kiddos + mom-ing... what is there not to love about summertime? so long as there's sunscreen, sunshine + plenty of popsicles for everyone, we are pretty happy at our house. 
the tv is officially collecting dust, and outside is where it's at + where our kiddos choose to be 98% of the time! I remember different summers when the kids were too young for too much sun, or  daylight savings totally threw our groove + bedtime was like, "what bedtime?" and just the thought of that daunting task was enough to make me crazy + already be wishing for fall, but not this summer so far. days are longer, that's for sure, and when bedtime does actually roll around boy am I tired + ready! however, the kids are at prime ages this year for late nights on the porch or in the grass, and no one is typically melting down unless we've suuuuper pushed it past an acceptable sleep hour (+ our limits), and for right now that's working for us!

just another reminder of how quickly things change + how nothing lasts forever (good or bad) with most things in life, but especially with kids! ...keep this in mind whatever phase YOU are in :))

I love + welcome this little window of time, especially because I know in a few short weeks it will be different... I feel most days like I have two, three year olds. they're the sweetest little love story of all time, are filthy from head to toe by bed time, drive me nuts, make me smile + all around keep life funnier + constantly moving. thankful for dirty summer feet at the end of each day, the lingering scent of sunscreen + the guaranteed sticky, somewhere, left over from popsicles and fun had. 
welcome june! welcome summer(almost)! we are ready! 

^^^those little chalk booties are everything!
thank you L'ovedbaby for the precious play clothes! i love them, the kids love them... signed + sealed! 
You can find both of the kids outfits on + also be sure to follow along on Instagram... a little birdie told me there is a giveaway happening over there THIS Saturday (June 4th)... @lovedbaby