a love letter

dear popsicle,
I love you, the kids love you... what's not to love? oh yea, the sticky + the unfortunate stains that come along with your drippy mess, but honestly... to the wind with that. you're the perfect, light, guilt free treat... during summertime, you are your very own food group around here + I'm thankful for all the ways you redirect meltdowns, days headed south + everything in between. popsicles for all my friends! we love you.
we love outshine bars: fruit + veggie medley, or anything made with nothing but fruit! 
all outfits seen are from L'ovedbaby! We adore all of their clothing! It's 100% organic, so well made, has such cute color options + lasts and lasts! Go and getcha some at lovedbaby.com

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