two whole months of sweet isla jane

sweet isla jane...
our prize baby, and our calm in the chaos. two whole months of calm in the chaos too! i can't believe she's mine! she's happy + easy, oh so chatty, and her smile fills a room like warm sunshine on a summer afternoon. her joyful essence brings my soul to the calmest place no matter what the circumstance, and i adore her. how is it that you don't know how much you need someone, until you experience life with them in it + are then baffled at how you lived a day in a world where they didn't exist?! two months. two months of isla jane glory. two months of kissing the softest, sweetest spot behind her ear, staring into her most stunning blue eyes, adoring the tiny storkbite on her right eyelid, and two months of restraining myself, as not to squeeze her too tightly because she's just everything a baby should be.
adore her, period.
i'm so thankful for baby number three, and this baby as baby number three. she's probably the first child that i haven't looked forward wondering when she'll do things or if she'll be like the sibling ahead of her, but have just soaked in all that she is today and in this minute. 
i love you isla jane, with every square inch of my being. thank you for being the prize that you are, for bringing out new depths of my motherhood, and for smiling like that... guys, the smile.
infiniti heart eyes.

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