lately in pictures!

sometimes i have a million pictures to share + nothing to say, other times i have lots to say and... okay, i always have pictures, who am i kidding. today is a lots of pictures + not much to say day, and i'm choosing to be okay with that. 
this space still holds such a big part of my heart, even though it's not a place i can give as much time to right now... my heart is still here. writing, sharing stories, documenting our beautiful life, our beautiful story through pictures + memories is part of me, part of my identity + part of who God designed me to be. in this season of life, of motherhood, there have been days where i've felt lost, like i don't remember who i am outside of this glorious task of raising tiny humans. this space is sweet to come back to. to remind myself of the life i am creating, the people i am loving, the task i've been given. to relive moments + things my children have said, and celebrate my motherhood and our life as a family! this space is sacred. 
this sweet season of motherhood is short... having these little ones all under one roof every single day, in my care, sheltered to only the influences i choose. it'll be over in the blink of an eye. the season of sharing them with the world + having more time to myself, more time to write, will be here before i know it + i'll be sobbing in a corner wishing for these days back! 
until then, i'm thankful for those of you who have continued following along here, even when posts are few and far between! in the meantime, take a trip down memory lane + click on over the the blog archive to read some posts from the past!

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