two years of sweet lucy

how are we at two again? it mostly feels like she's three, and all at the same time her first birthday + the way she smashed that tiny cake + scrunched her precious lips feels like yesterday. lucy's life has been full speed, more so than abel's. i suppose that comes with the territory when you aren't the only one. focus is shared + the attention has never been undivided. even still, fastest two years, but also the very best. life would be completely and utterly incomplete without our sweet luna, our sunshine girl.

lucy- you're brilliant + beautiful + bursting with life. you run full speed into a hug, throw your head back when you swing, do everything 100%-- from the way you play, to how you melt down, and the way you love. you're arms wide open all the time. this is one of my very favorite things about you, you're brave, you're all i've ever hoped to be, and all i ever dreamed that you would be. thank you for changing our lives, challenging + growing us as parents, for making us laugh a billion times a day, and for being exactly who you are. we love you forever + a million evers.

some of my favorite photos from the last year, and a million more throughout this blog! 
photos from the previous year HERE.

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