things to remember...

isla has been with us for three months now, and my big kids seem big... three months really isn't that long, but pictures don't lie + they all look a million years older. i just love them, big or small. i try and make a note anytime they do or say something especially cute so that i can at some point write it here and remember it when three months from now or three years or thirty, they are doing something totally different. so, now felt like a good time to catch up on the past three months + also share these sweet photos in our favorite L'ovedbaby jammies!


sweet isla jane... feels like she's been a part of us forever. i know her face + love every bit of her. i love to kiss the sweet spot behind her ear, the space between her eyes, or the spot between her nose and mouth. basically if i could kiss her whole face at once i would. she is the happiest, chattiest, easiest, prize baby ever + the perfect third child. she flirts with me in the mirror + when she nurses, and i spend soooo much time that i "should" be using for the continuous pile of laundry that keeps showing up on our couch, playing with her instead... i couldn't be happier about that. 

the other day, abel introduced himself and arrow to our neighbor as, "i'm captain jake + my matey is minnie."

mornings with lucy 

when we went to the drive in, abel gave me his red sour patch kids, even though he told everyone else it was his favorite color and they could have a different one.

chatting with isla 

lucys hand gestures + head tilting + generally everything about her delivery of conversation... bottle it up + play it back on repeat.

i hope abel never stops saying adventure "adbenture" or calling making smores around a fire "camping" 

please let me never forget the time lucy told me that "harlow ate it" when she finished her marshmallow and wanted another. 

when every conversation with abel during the months of july, august and september starts with him saying, "let's talk about Halloween" -- my child 

lucy's baby talk voice, "awwww baby booo" or the time she told me isla was hungry and to "feed her yours boobs"

"i sure can!"

they're sweet little bodies curled up in my lap

on the 4th of july, i gave abel a penny for the fountain and he kissed it before tossing it in. fairly certain that my postpartum emotions and i cried tears over that preciousness. 

when my stomach growled and lucy told me my tummy burped

"I'm building frosty for Lucy, he's a jolly happy soul" -- abel

abel + lucy's pirate faces, forever

"let's make a baby train and go to target! sometimes auntie comes with us!"--abel
...and by sometimes he means every time.
**all jammies are l'ovedbaby brand! 100% organic goodness, awesome colorways + such great people behind it! thanks for making our morning scene that much sweeter!**

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