our fourth of july!

happy 4th of July from us!
we did our usual parade-ing in old town, Abel slept in like a teenager + we still follow the rule of never waking sleeping children in our house, so we actually missed the parade part, but walked old town + enjoyed a small outing together. this was our first holiday with isla, and she, being the sweetest ever, made it even sweeter. THREE KIDS. FAMILY OF FIVE. sweeter than pie. 
^^^my new favorite overexposed picture ever
after we outed, we came home + had a restful afternoon. the kids played in the backyard + in the sprinklers, we snacked, and I looked around and thanked my lucky stars for all of the blessing in our lives. 
we finished out the day by hosting our first family gathering in our finished backyard + the kids had a go at poppers + sparklers for the first time, which was a major hit. I'm grateful for the love we have around us on a daily basis + for holidays + grilling + green grass + for today and the no plans that we have set.

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Unknown said...

Happy 4th of July!!! What stroller do you have?