NYC in two parts || P A R T T W O

Chelsea Market, Upper West Side + Central Park... can't beat it.
I have so many favorites in NYC, but these may be near the tippety of that list! I'm still craving those little donuts from the doughnuttery at Chelsea Market.
^^^orwashers bagels in the Upper West Side, YUUUUM. one of our favorite stops from our trip!
^^^minutes before we passed josh + samson ( in the streets... i mean WHAT?! of alllll the people and all the streets and all the times to be walking those streets, we see 2 of the people i would have geeked out over most?! boom. next time, it'll be the whole fam, i juuust know it.
Walking Central Park with Chris is all time. Really doing anything with Chris is all time... look at that skyline. Thanks for the best time husband! I love you so much!

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Natalie said...

Yes, I would've done the same thing with Josh and Samson, haha!