NYC in two parts || P A R T O N E

Chris and I recently went on a vacation just the two of us... that's right, me and him in my very favorite city. We did everything & nothing, explored and explored until our feet were ready to fall off, and seriously had the very best time together. 

We had tickets to Live! With Kelly, which was a dream come true for me and all I hoped it'd be. That dang kelly ripa, darling as pie I tell ya!! See love letter HERE. We walked around Columbus Circle & Central Park & wherever the next 13 miles took us. This is the part where I was insistent upon us having Cider Donuts (because all the bloggers do it) & when we saw a sign that read "Hot, Fresh Cider Donuts" grabbed some... biggest bust of our trip, super soggy, super not hot or fresh. We laughed & most definitely made up for it at the Doughnuttery which you'll see in tomorrow's post! 
^^^only had to pump 6,000 a day while away from isla!
Christmas time in New York is everything you'd imagine. Bigger + more beautiful than anywhere else. The window displays are seriously serious... so awesome! & the tree at Rockefeller is giant + needs some ornaments if you ask me, five miles of lights is all Rockefeller?! ;)
New York has my heart. Time with Chris was wonderful, and hands free time for me was so needed. We are so thankful for Chris's sister's, for loving our littles while we were gone. It put our minds at ease knowing they were being well cared for and having fun, while we took this time for ourselves! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We came back cups full and ready to dive back into life and the holidays with our little family. 

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Unknown said...

You were at the Jeffrey Dean Morgan hosting with Kelly?!?! So jealous!!! Looks like a dream trip xo