isla jane is 5 whole months old. i won't broken record it by telling you that i can't believe we are here, and that time is a rude + sneaky little thief + all of that... okay i did. but aren't you as stunned as i am? you'd think third time around it would get less surprising but that's a giant NO. she's alert + smiley + giggles, has a tiny tooth poking through + is FIVE MONTHS OLD!! which is basically 6, and i should just go ahead and start planning her first birthday party. seriously though, i feel like it was yesterday that i had her + abel held her for hours on end + she slept all the time + was easy to nurse one handed... but here we are 5 months later. she is still the very easiest part of every day + is still lighting our world over here. i mean, her and lucy are so stinkin' cute together, i can't even. 
parenting young children is hard work. like, constant hard work... but today isla's little tooth popped through, and abel asked a million questions while we all watched the BFG tonight, + i watched lucy bounce around the kitchen being silly with chris + thought to myself what a cute little two year old she is. my night ended with isla asleep on my chest, abel at my side + lucy in and out of my lap, and i couldn't help but cry + think what a beautiful, fleeting life i have, boatloads of work and all.
i love you little baby. happy 5 months. you're the third child of my dreammmms.

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