nothing beats mornings.
i've always always been a late night person, and really still am if i can keep my eyes open. the house is quiet + i'm alone to do whatever i please, like eat a double scoop cone or write or read or clean... it's nice me time. but mornings are where it's really at now. coffee + the fireplace going, reheating the same coffee a couple times, kids waking up at their leisure, isla, lucy, abel, and always in that order. slow mornings at home with my crew are truly the best there is. we stay in jammies too long (if the kids aren't already dressing up), we do puzzles, we make breakfast, we play games, watch movies... the demands are minimal. i know one day mornings will change. maybe be hurried + full, getting people out the door to where they need to be, probably running late... so, i am seriously soaking up these slow + simple mornings, stock piling them away to remember when our season looks different. thank you jesus.

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