Hello + Happy Sunshine on Tuesday!
So, i've sifted and sifted through our photos from Hawaii, and still mostly have a billion photos that i'll share here because, me + narrowing = not a thing. 
We had such a great time on our trip, and there really is no place as beautiful as Maui in my opinion. Our kids were in a perfectly sweet window of being old enough to listen and enjoy + and young enough to not be mobile + just hang, making our time more relaxing than it could have been in other seasons. We spent most of our trip right there on that gorgeous beach + having Chris around that much was my very favorite part of it all, he is my home. 
I'll share more over the next week or so, because 85,786 photos was too many for a single post, and why wouldn't we want to drag it out over a week instead?! Long live Maui, sandy babes on the beach + family forever.
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+ two videos from our last trip on my FILMS page!
^^^i love this capture because it totally encompasses the season for me. Chris Dad-ing like a true champ with the older kids + me with the littlest being mostly a spectator while she's too small for some of the fun. That comes with mixed feelings sometimes, but this shot is beautiful to me + i'm thankful for it, and for changing seasons.
(**i should also note here that Chris is very good about switching roles with me, and making sure I get to go and adventure too while he is with the tiny, or all three of our kiddos.)