Surely there's sandy baby chunk in Heaven right?! ...Hawaii || Part THREE

sandy babies, the end.
seriously though, once you've taken your littles to the beach + seen them sandy from head to toe(mostly abel), rollies bulging from their swimsuits(mostly lucy), your vision of what Heaven might be like changes. SURELY there is sandy baby chunk in Heaven right?
the beach is my favorite. living ON the beach is probably the only way i'd wave colorado goodbye. We spent a good amount of time beachin' in Hawaii, naturally, and now I'm here sitting on my couch in sweats and a sweatshirt & dreaming of going back... like yesterday.

beach. zip lining. helicopter tour.

^^^watching my little brothers (who aren't so little anymore) play and play and play with abel was delight to my soul
^^^abel was NOT stingy with the kisses this trip
^^^how cute is my mama? i PRAY i am as cute as she is when i'm grown up! ow ow!

If you know me, zip lining is NOT something that would be in my regular activity. But i mean, how often do you get the chance to zip line in Hawaii? like, never. so... I along with other members of my sweet fam zip lined! woop woop! there are a billion more photos that I don't have in my possession & also some cool video footage that will be in the Hawaii movie I'm obviously making :) But for now... these :)

Helicopter Tour
This was SO cool. We got to fly around all the islands and see places that have never even been seen by man, other than from a helicopter. It was so awesome to see little corners of the earth that God made just because He wanted to! We can't even see them, they aren't for us. They are just His creation living free. There was also a point in the tour that we were above some clouds that had settled low & all you could see was blue sky around you & clouds beneath you. With that, combined with the epic movie soundtrack music playing through my headphones, all I could think of was my Dad, and how I wondered if that might have been what it was like as he entered Heaven. It's definitely what I've always imagined it to look somewhat like, and if so, sign me up when my time comes. So many parts of Hawaii made me feel small, in the best way. Seeing parts of God's great earth from above like this was truly incredible.
^^^If you look closer at the photo above, it's like 9 whales!!!! They said it was a bull rush, one female & 8 males following her, trying to win her affection. 

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