abel prays.

a blog post lost in my phone from december 18th, documented now.
abel said his first prayer tonight & I cried.

we typically pray before each meal together, whether it be at the dining table, around the coffee table, standing in the kitchen or otherwise. it's just a practice that we try and keep. well starting a couple weeks ago, whenever we'd sit to eat, before we had a chance to, abel would reach out for hands. this alone made us feel like we had done something right. we still haven't found a church we love attending & then we found one we liked enough but dropping abel off at child care was not my favorite thing or his & then we had Lucy, and on and on... I beat myself up over this sometimes because I generally just don't feel at the top of my spiritual game right now & wish that i could be a million different people all at once, never fall victim to distraction or miss a beat, but I'm human I guess & I am where I am right now. So when your toddler reaches for hands at dinner without any prompting from you, it feels like you've done at least one thing right this year & are on track to raise a nice little human. well tonight, around my moms coffee table, over homemade chicken noodle soup, abel reached for hands & with heads bowed, he then prayed his very first prayer. it was mostly a lot of gibberish and "cracker" somewhere along the way, but that food was blessed and my heart was on the floor, having leapt from my chest with delight. 

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