taking stock || part 3 + some pictures of my cute toddler (what's new?)

^^^i mean, total exuberance. hot chocolate for all my friends! 

This is a fun little post that's been floating around for a while now, here are parts ONE & TWO, and now for round three!

Making: moves towards our future.
Cooking: fun fact...  i don't cook. well i do, but not often + by not often i mean 4-5 times a yearish. i have a few meals i've got nailed, but otherwise chris is so great at cooking, he usually does it!
Drinking: water 
Reading: books with abel 
Wanting: beautiful things for our home, a new camera lens + computer
Looking: on pinterest
Playing: with lucy the bubble blower
Wasting: electricity leaving twinkle lights plugged in, because they're magic
Sewing: this questions should be dropped from the list
Wishing: my dad was still here
Enjoying: my family
Waiting: on april
Liking: the show: about a boy
Wondering: what genders all my pregnant friend's babies will be!
Loving: people.
Hoping: my bubble doesn't burst, because my life really is as good as it seems right now + i don't deserve it 
Marvelling: at my blessings. how? + thank you a million times.
Needing: not a thing
Smelling: fresh bathed babies
Wearing: stripes
Following: the Lord
Noticing: the hum of electronics. make. them. stop.
Knowing: i am loved.
Thinking: about hawaii
Bookmarking: photo ideas
Opening: the shower curtain to bath toys... every single time
Giggling: at a husband who keeps me smiling
Feeling: blessed

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