taking stock || part 2

i enjoyed this so much the first time, i thought i'd give it one more go...

also, this picture has nothing to do with it, donuts are just too fun to photograph... + eat

Making : plans + decorations for abel's birthday party
Cooking : apple cinnamon scones according to husband
Drinking : ginger ale, yumm
Reading: i'm currently in the middle of about 5 different books... one day though
Wanting: the weekend
Looking: forward to a facial on saturday, thank you sister
Playing: around with my new camera
Wasting: time on my phone
Sewing: again, i say ha
Wishing: for either snow so we can make muddy buddies or warmer weather so we can get out of the house!
Enjoying: chris, he's the best
Waiting: for chris to get home... he just left
Liking: when abel share's his snacks
Wondering: how many more babies we will be blessed with + what genders they will be
Loving: my family, always
Hoping: for good things to come
Marvelling: at how much abel has learned in one year + still being blown away that i made him from scratch
Needing: a cookie
Smelling: a sleepy abel
Wearing: a sweatshirt + yoga pants... so fancy
Following: such pretty feeds on instagram
Noticing: that it's time to deep clean the whole house... womp womp
Knowing: everything will be okay somehow
Thinking: about how much i'm wanting that cookie ^^^
Bookmarking: every memory that i can
Opening: up to the people who really care about me + still ask how i'm doing, while actually wanting a true response, even if it's sad
Giggling: at abel being silly lately... he is actually meaning to be silly these days + i am loving it
Feeling: hungry

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