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14 days into the new year felt like a good time to recap + share some of my favorite or memorable moments + posts from the previous year. 2013 was probably one of my favorite years ever up until the end there, for obvious heartbreaking reasons that i still can't find the words to share in this space, hence my absence. 
we had abel... the best thing that's ever happened to us, and we lost my dad... the worst. everything in between those two events are some of my favorite memories that i hope my brain will never forget. i spent more time with my daddy this year than i ever have in my adult life + that is time that i am forever grateful for + wishing i had more of. chris + i became parents + learned an indescribable love like no other + that too, is something i am SO blessed by + that i still can't even believe is reality sometimes...
i hope you enjoy re-capping our year as much as i did. xoxo
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in january we:

moved into our house
waited + waited for a baby
abel surprised us 2 weeks early + was born  ||  here + here
we announced it to YOU + shared about his name

in february we:

spent most of our time snuggling with a baby
went on our first outing as a family of three
felt lucky to have had our boy for 2 extra weeks on his "due date"

in march we:

tried the ever popular 'snooze' for the first time
found my heart in a puddle on the floor ... multiple times
went green
wrote love notes to document the best i could, all of the love in my heart for one tiny human
put up our grams wall.

in april we: 

hosted easter!
prepared for birthday season
our obsession began with the waffle lab
chris had a birthday + a party
abel turned 3 months old... what?
i shared on my new confidence as a mother
we discovered the red table, yumm
gushed about abel... some more.
spent time with grammy + papaw

in may we: 

supported family in a colorful way
my dad + i had a joint birthday party, derby style
enjoyed farmer's market season
sunday-d in estes park + stopped at the cherry tree
celebrated 3 years of marriage
abel turned 4 months old & i probably cried my eyes out

in june we:

found out abel's cousin was a girl!
talked about abel + how special he is... again, i say.. again
experienced father's day in a whole new way
ate so much food at the taste of foco
abel turned 5 months old... are you seeing a common post ;)

in july we:

two of my very favorite people in this world met for the first time... mimi + abel
we had my favorite 4th of july
we spent time on the lake
abel discovered his love for reading (eating) books
we celebrated ashton with a baby shower!

all of a sudden abel is 6 months old + i can't believe it
... + we had a 1/2 birthday party

in august we:

attended the happiest 5k on earth
had the honor of photographing the most beautiful pregnant women that's ever lived
didn't think we could love abel anymore... + then we did
upgraded bath time
dreams became reality + foco hosted a food truck rally
talked about prayer

in september we:

real talk about estes park + again
made note of some milestones
took abel to his first soccer game to watch his daddy
visited with my cousin

in october we:

had a girls night, no boys allowed
took abel to the park + some more
photographed a scene that will forever be my favorite in all the world
welcomed our sweet niece arrow
partied, costumes + cocktails style for taylor's birthday

in november we:

shared abel's first halloween on the blog
had a wonderful visit with abby
+ said goodbye to the most special man this world has ever known, my daddy.

in december we:

shared our time in breckinridge
talked a little about our loss

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