from that time when abby came to visit us all the way from charlotte!

if you've been around this blog for a couple of years now then you know abby. she was one of the very first girls i hung out with in charlotte & we became FAST friends. when i say fast, i mean like a couple of minutes & i felt like we'd been friends forever, the same person in so many ways, spend every waking moment together FAST. i hadn't seen her in over a year, but we picked up right where we left off. she is so wonderful & it was AWESOME to have her here in my favorite place (colorado) & for her to meet abel. when your people meet your people... there's just something about it. i could 100%  milk her visit & stretch it out over a couple (million) posts, but instead i'll just sum it up right here in this one... you know, so you aren't jealous all week of the fun we had (insert winking emoji here).
first up halloween (shared that yesterday). the next morning, we went & had breakfast in old town at the red table, where we actually sat at the only red one in the place & i was thrilled (naturally). we walked old town, saw the lights, shared some waffle lab & enjoyed our first red cup of the season together. we had grammy & papaw watch abel, and went out to one of our favorite spots (coopersmiths) where the men enjoyed some ping pong & we ate entirely too much food, laughed until my stomach hurt & took 8,875 pictures in the street. sunday finally made it's rude appearance & it was time for her to leave. we took her by all of the local breweries & were lucky enough to catch one of the better food trucks in town while we were at it... remember this? thanksgiving on a sandwich? seemed fitting since it's NOVEMBER! (what?!)
now she's back in charlotte & i'm already shopping tickets for her to come back.
^^^the red table^^^
^^^first friday & the lighting of old town^^^
^^^the waffle lab & the start of red cup love^^^
^^^odells & the goodness truck^^^

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