the waffle lab & other thoughts on a thursday.

happy cloudy (around here) thursday to you!
you guys... last night i survived my first outing without Abel.
for the past 8 weeks(tomorrow, *tears*) he has been by my side 24/7, so needless to say it was tough to leave him. there may have been a few tears & i may have texted my sister no more than 5 minutes after we left the house, but i made it. i honestly do not know how chris can leave him when he goes to work during the week. we love him so much! i had a good time with husband & the people we met up with, but if nights without him could be limited to like once a year, i'd be okay with that! this little family of three likes to stick together :)
on a different note... st. patty's day brought out the food trucks that have been in hiding during these cold months! i was beyond excited when we pulled up and saw The Waffle Lab up & running! you know... with our love for waffles & all. we went all deluxe & ordered the strawberry, banana, nutella ones (the european).... NOT SORRY. this truck being less than five minutes from our house starting april first could be a reeeeal problem.

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Kym said...

those waffles look delicious! The first time i left my son, i almost had a panic attack. so you aren't alone... it is nice to have time w/ just your husband though. at least once a year ;)