a home tour : abel’s nursery

welcome to abel's nursery! we're happy to have you!
dreaming up this room in our house was super fun! obviously, it's fun to have a new space to work with... a blank canvas if you will, but mostly because i dreamed of who we'd spend time with in it! a place where we'd read stories & rock in our rocking chair. a quiet place for him to sleep, & a space with enough cute decor to distract from the smell when diaper changing time was upon us.. (kidding :)). i love love love vintage & i knew that i wanted something very unique for abel, because i knew that he, like his name, would also be unique & special :)
there are still a few things unfinished, like the awesome vintage green copper lamp that has yet to be hung, & the perfect rug that i have yet to find... which normally would keep me from posting... i'm all about the big (100% completed) reveal, but i was too excited & i truly love how it has turned out so far!
(see something you like? i did a little "where'd ya get that...?" at the end of this post!)

hey! where'd ya get that?...
red metal "A" // scottsdale marketplace, a vintage store in arizona
(its wired to light up... so cool!)
B, E, & L // hobby lobby
burlap coffee sacks // goodwill
crib // target
ties // most are thrifted, some are from abel's papa & papaw
rocking chair // tattered creek shop at vines vintage
canvas "A" // painted by my mom :)
blankets // thrifted or gifted!
vintage boy scout bag (diaper bag) // vines vintage
green shutter/mirror  //  thrifted

we are SO thankful for our family! both his changing table & chest of drawers were given to us (thanks auntie cole & yaya!) & my sweet mama did the shabby chic paint job! also, thank you to Jane, a sweet vendor at vines, who's mother handmade us the cream blanket, and to my sister taylor who made the plaid blanket in his crib & started his library with all of the wonderful books! God has never failed to provide for Chris & I, and putting together abel's nursery only proved it more. gifts, thrift stores & even a house with a paint job that just worked out... it all came together beautifully & without costing us an arm OR a leg!
thanks for stopping by!
happy tuesday!

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Kym said...

His nursery is really neat, very unique! I love what you did with the ties, it came out so cute.