it was YOU in there…

 i loved you from the day i first imagined you...
& then more when i found out you had actually taken up a home in my tummy.
each day you grew bigger & then you made your presence known & started giving me love bumps throughout the days & i loved that... & you even more.
you were so strong through everything that came our way in december... your little heart never missed a beat. you were perfect to me in every way.
you got the hiccups & favored the right side of your home.
i never felt alone because you were always in there to keep me company.
i dreamt of your face & all of your precious little baby parts. i imagined how sweet the little feet kicking me would be. i loved you.
so much sweet Abel.
...but as much as i loved you then, it can't even compare to the love i have for you now.
i didn't know that it was YOU in there.
the YOU that loves to listen to music & stare up at the fan spinning.
the YOU that always (& still) gets the hiccups.
the YOU that loves to kick his legs & wiggle all around on the changing table.
the YOU that has the softest & fuzziest little head.
the YOU that smells like pure heaven, has the sweetest baby coos, & is growing too fast for my mama heart.
the YOU that takes stretching out verrrry seriously & treats each one like it's the first & the last.
the YOU that always wants to be held & snuggled.
the YOU with the chins (plural), sweet tummy, & skin so soft i wish it was my own.
the YOU that for the first time the other day smiled AT me. i stood above you & you gazed up at me with those deep blue eyes & smiled... AT me, into my soul. those ten seconds are my new favorite ten seconds of this life. i never want to forget that moment & the way it felt, the way i felt.
every breath you breathe is a blessing to me & i am so happy that i know YOU & have YOU to love everyday. i couldn't thank God enough for you.
i love you Abel.
i'm so glad it was YOU in there...
love, mommy
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Tori Baldridge said...

So sweet! He is too cute for words!!