the RED table.

over the weekend, our little family tried out a new(to us) cafe here in old town called 
the red table.
so cute. & so good.
i had been eyeing it for a little while, simply because it had a cute name. so when husband mentioned that he wanted to try it, i was all over that. we went for lunch, though i did see the cutest little chalkboard sign in the window advertising their waffles... next time... but back to lunch. we went half-sies on two different sandwiches, the coliseum & the yay! turkey. both were so very good. served with kettle chips & a coke in a can. abel slept until the food came, naturally, and then joined us for some lap sitting & smiles. i knew my days of hands free eating were over the day he was born, & i couldn't be happier about it.
if you're looking for good food, good prices, & a cute to boot atmosphere in old town, the red table has my recommendation! can't wait to go again, maybe for breakfast!
happy tuesday! xoxo
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Katrina Garcia said...

the eyelashes on the kiddo! so cute!