five or eleven things you might not know...

1) the picture above gives me a check mark on my mini-bucket list of wonderful littles to experience in this lifetime... foam art in my cozy drink, thank you very much.
2) i'm a list maker.
3) i spend 80% of my days in cozy clothes... this is not since becoming a mom, this is a way of life for a dancer, turned chorographer, turned dance teacher, turned clothing designer/blogger/wifey/mommy (yea it's a real thing)... who now has an even better reason TO stay in comfy clothes all day. not ashamed.
4) i cry at the drop of a dime.
5) i am married to the best man out there, am surrounded by the most wonderful family, gave birth to the most precious little babekin there ever was, and am not afraid to say that life is pretty great right now.
6) in the same sentence, i am scared of loss. deeply. i can't imagine living in a world where my dad doesn't, and am praying desperately that i don't have to find out what it's like. (your prayers are greatly appreciated too.)
7) i have a peanut butter obsession.
8) i am the grammar police. you know the e-card.. "i am silently correcting your grammar as we speak." ... yea that's me. NOT so much in the punctuation & correct writing department though. i'm a biiiig fan of the run on sentence with 8 million commas, lowercase letters always, dotdotdots & whatever else it takes to get my thoughts across the way i want them. 
9) i have experienced some pretty crazy, cool things in my life. through dancing, i met major celebrities, performed on tv, traveled, taught huuuge classrooms full of kids, and more. i have never been one to talk about it because i always felt like it was bragging & i'm not into that, and that in the GRAND scheme of things it's importance is smaller than one of my dotdotdots... but lately i think it's pretty cool too, & a part of me so it made this list atleast.
10) i'm indecisive.
11) i think this mommy thing looks good on me. i've never felt more beautiful & confident than i do now. it's sort of the greatest thing ever & i am thanking God daily that not only has He blessed me with the most beautiful son, but also, through this journey, has given me His eyes for myself, which i never had before.

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